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OpenVSP can read and write files representing many kinds of information. Some of those representations can be stored in multiple file formats. Some kinds of I/O can only be done through the GUI, but many of the files may be written from the command line.

Although this flexibility makes OpenVSP very powerful, it can be rather confusing for new users. These pages should serve to guide the new user through the kinds of information VSP can read and write.

Information representation (format(s))

  • Input
    • Parametric geometry (vsp)
    • Background image (jpg)
    • Surface textures (tga, jpg)
    • Automation script (txt)
    • Airfoil definition (af)
    • Fuselage section definition (fxs)
    • Cabin definition (cab)
    • Wireframe as mesh (hrm)
    • Wireframe as surfaces (hrm)
    • Triangulated mesh (stl, NASCART)
    • Vorlax case file (cas)
  • Output
    • Parametric geometry (vsp)
    • Screen capture (jpg)
    • Automation script (txt)
    • Wetted area/volume report (txt, csv)
    • Drag buildup report (tsv)
    • Area ruling report (txt)
    • Mass properties report (txt)
    • Wireframe (hrm)
    • X3D 3D Web model (x3d)
    • Felisa (fel)
    • Untrimmed surfaces (3dm)
    • Trimmed surfaces (srf)
    • Unintersected triangulated components (tri, possibly others)
    • Intersected triangulated components (stl, NASCART, tri, msh, pov)
    • Isotropic triangulated surface mesh (stl, poly, tri, obj, msh, NASCART)
    • Structural mesh (stl, NASTRAN, Calculix)
    • Vorlax case file (cas)
    • Vorlax geometry & input (inp)
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