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-====== RASCE ====== 
-**Rapid Air System Concept Exploration** 
-RASCE is developed by Armand J. Chaput, and is distributed with the following license statement. 
-RASCE software is intended for educational ​ purposes only.   The copywrite holder grants users permission make  
-copies for unlimited use but users shall cite copyright holder for all applications and uses including publications.  ​ 
-No responsibility accepted for applications to actual air system design. 
-Armand J. Chaput 
-4900 Greystone Drive 
-Austin, Texas 78731 
-{{:​rasce:​f2009.rasce_overview.pdf|RASCE Overview}} 
-RASCE is available in four variants based on the kind of powerplant employed by the aircraft 
-  * {{:​rasce:​rasce.beprop.2009.xls|Battery Electric Propeller}} 
-  * {{:​rasce:​rasce.icprop.2009.xls|Internal Combustion Propeller}} 
-  * {{:​rasce:​rasce.tbfan.2009.xls|Turbofan}} 
-  * {{:​rasce:​rasce.tbprop.2009.xls|Turboprop}} 
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