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-====== Windows ====== 
-OpenVSP should run on Windows without installation. ​ Simply unzip the archive to the location of your choosing and double click vsp.exe. 
-If OpenVSP does not work on your installation,​ please report your problems to the mailing list. 
-Compiling OpenVSP on Windows is a fairly involved process. ​ Rudimentary instructions are provided in the README distributed with the source, but a more detailed set of instructions have been made available for download in PDF form {{::​openvsp-installation-win7.pdf|here}}. 
-====== MacOS ====== 
-OpenVSP requires libjpeg to be installed on the computer. ​ A ready-to-go DMG for the libjpeg library is available [[http://​​Mac_OS_X_Ports.html|here]]. 
-Once libjpeg is installed, unzip the archive to the location of your choosing and run the vsp executable. 
-====== Linux ====== 
-There are no pre-compiled Linux binaries produced at this time.  In order to run OpenVSP on Linux, you must compile it yourself. 
-[[Ubuntu Instructions]] 
-====== FreeBSD ====== 
-OpenVSP is available from the FreeBSD'​s port collection. Installation instructions:​ 
-**Method 1:​**\\ ​ 
-''​$ cd /​usr/​ports/​cad/​openvsp\\ ​ 
-$ make install''​ (as root) 
-**Method 2:​**\\ ​ 
-''​$ portinstall openvsp''​ (as root) 
-This will pull all the dependencies needed to compile OpenVSP. Then it will automatically fetch, compile and install OpenVSP in your system. 
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