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 ====== Generic Cross-Section ====== ====== Generic Cross-Section ======
-OpenVSP allows for advanced control ​given Geom cross-section ​(XSec) through the EDIT_CURVE XSec type. +OpenVSP allows for advanced control ​over cross-sections ​(XSecs) through the EDIT_CURVE XSec type. The XSec type is available for all Geom types where an XSec type can be specified (Fuselage, Stack, Wing, Body of Revolution, and Prop). Once a Geom has been added, navigate to the "​XSec"​ tab. Two options are available to set an XSec to EDIT_CURVE type:
-==== Curve Edit Screen ====+  - Select "​EDIT_CURVE"​ from the "​Choose Type" drop-down 
 +     - The XSec will be initialized as a Cubic Bezier circle with right-left symmetry turned on 
 +  - Select the "​Convert CEDIT" button 
 +     - The existing XSec will be converted into an EDIT_CURVE, maintaining the XSec shape 
 +     - A binary adaptive algorithm is used to coarsen XSecs with an unmanageable amount of control points (i.e. airfoils)
 +For both options, the XSec width and height will be transferred to the EDIT_CURVE XSec. The Edit Curve GUI will automatically pop up. If the screen is exited, select "Edit Curve" on the XSec tab to open it. 
 +==== Edit Curve Screen ====
 +This next section describes the Edit Curve GUI from the top down. The first row contains a "​Shape"​ drop-down with options for Circle, Oval, and Rectangle. Selecting the "​Init"​ button will clear the current XSec and reinitialize it as the specified shape. Below, a drop-down is available to enforce left-right symmetry. This feature requires control point at U values of 0.25 and 0.75, each with an X coordinate of 0. If this is not the case when symmetry is turned ON, control points will be added. The right hand side of the XSec (X > 0) serves as the "​master"​ so that all modifications the the left hand side are ignored. With symmetry on, the adjacent "​Closed Curve" toggle is force ON. This options requires the location of the last control point to be the same as the first control point. Next, the "View Abs" toggle is available to show the XSec as non-dimensionalized or scaled by the Width and Height sliders. The next row shows the current XSec type, where Cubic Bezier, PCHIP, and linear are available. To change the XSec type, select an option from the "​Convert To:" drop-down and then select the "​Convert To:" button. ​
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