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OpenVSP Frequently Asked Questions

Known Bugs and Workarounds

  1. The airfoil picture covers the Wing editor on MacOS.
    • When using OpenVSPmac2.0.3 or earlier, the airfoil cross-section plot persists when you leave the Foil tab of the MS_Wing editor. This is a known bug. Until it is fixed, the workaround is pretty easy. Once you leave the Foil tab by selecting another tab in the MS_Wing editor, simply click on the component name in the Geom Browser (usually sitting just to the left of the MS_Wing editor). This will force a refresh of the MS_Wing editor window.
  1. Only the default colors and materials are shown on the Gen tab on MacOS.
    1. When installing OpenVSPmac, the Macintosh doesn't know where to look for the VspPreferences.xml file. If you put a copy (or a renamed alias of VspPreferences.xml (delete the “ alias” that MacOS adds)), into your home directory (/Users/yourname), then OpenVSP will find it. Now all of the preferences will work.
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