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-====== Drag Verification Builds ====== 
-Several aircraft were analyzed and compared to flight or wind tunnel data using the drag buildup workbook in order to find any errors in the drag computations. ​ This allowed for many of the initial issues with the method to be determined and corrected and also gave the perspective of a "new user" so that any complications or confusion could be mitigated. 
-Below you will find the test cases and brief descriptions of each aircraft. ​ The VSP files for each aircraft may be found at the [[http://​​|OpenVSP Hangar]] 
-==== Cessna 210 NLF-0414F Wing Mod==== 
-This version of the Cessna 210 is a modified wing NASA study into the efficacy of a high percentage laminar flow wing.  Wind Tunnel data was extrapolated and plotted along with the drag buildup curves to check for accuracy. 
-{{cessna_210_mod_dragbuild.7z|Cessna 210 Mod 7zip file}}\\ ​ 
-{{|Cessna 210 Mod zip file}}\\ ​ 
-{{cessna_210_nlf-0414f_full_scale_test_notations.pdf|NASA Document on Cessna 210 NLF-0414F Wind Tunnel Tests}}\\ ​ 
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