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Custom Component Tutorial

Custom components allow the user to add additional geometry types to OpenVSP. The custom type parameters, shape and GUI are all defined by a script written in AngelScript.


AngelScript is an embedded open source scripting language with a C/C++ syntax. Numerous OpenVSP functions and data types can be called from the script. For a complete list of exposed functions see

Script Location

The script should be named with a .vsppart suffix and placed in the CustomScripts directory which should be located in the same directory as the vsp executable.

Required Functions

There are four functions required to define a custom component:

void Init() - This function is called once when the component is created. Use this function to create parameters and set up surfaces that will have a fixed number of cross-sections. You can also add default sources for CFD Meshing.

void InitGUI() - This function is called once at creation. Create the GUI needed to control the parameters of your component. Also associate the GUI with the parameters.

void UpdateGui() - Called every time the GUI is updated. This function can be used to disable/enable GUI or change associations with the parameters.

void UpdateSurf() - Called every time the geometry component is updated. Build, update and/or transform the surface geometry based on the current value of the parameters. You can also modify the surface skinning parameters.

The are two optional functions:

void Scale( float scale ) - Add code here to scale the geometry. If this function is not provided, the scale parameter will not do anything.

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