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VSP to Cart3D Tutorial

This is a brief tutorial about using VSP to generate geometry for analysis with Cart3D. This tutorial is targeted at experienced Cart3D users, if you are new to Cart3D, you should start with the example cases distributed with it.

There are a number of ways VSP can be used to work with Cart3D – each with pros and cons. This tutorial will have a 'choose your own adventure' style to it to cover the different options. Feel free to skip around and explore the different paths.

    • Isotropic Mesh
      • Cart3D *.tri file
      • Stereolith *.stl file
    • CompGeom
      • Cart3D *.tri file
      • Stereolith *.stl file
    • Unintersected Mesh
  1. Cart3D Setup
  2. Cart3D Execution and Post-processing
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