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-====== VSP to Cart3D Tutorial ====== 
-This is a brief tutorial about using VSP to generate geometry for analysis with [[http://​​~aftosmis/​cart3d/​|Cart3D]]. ​ This tutorial is targeted at experienced Cart3D users, if you are new to Cart3D, you should start with the example cases distributed with it. 
-There are a number of ways VSP can be used to work with Cart3D -- each with pros and cons.  This tutorial will have a '​choose your own adventure'​ style to it to cover the different options. ​ Feel free to skip around and explore the different paths. ​ In addition, images have been included as thumbnails to keep the text readable; consequently,​ any place you see a picture, click on it for a larger version. 
-  - [[OneraM6|Geometry Generation]] 
-  - [[MeshOverview|Mesh Generation]] 
-    * [[TutGenMesh|Isotropic Generated Mesh]] 
-    * [[TutUnint|Unintersected Component Wireframe]] 
-    * [[TutCompGeom|Intersected Component Wireframe]] 
-  - [[TutSTLtoTRI|STL to TRI Conversion]] 
-  - [[TutSetup|Cart3D Setup]] 
-  - [[TutRunCart3D|Cart3D Execution]] 
-Cart3D is available from NASA to NASA and other US Government users. ​ Cart3D is available from [[http://​​|Desktop Aeronautics]] (also [[http://​​|]]) for other users. 
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