OpenVSP 3.13.2 Released

We’ve had trouble updating the website, but now have a workaround until we can get a proper fix. Sorry for the trouble.

Just in time for the workshop an update with some features and lots of bug fixes.

This adds a built-in body of revolution — in case the Duct custom components were not enough for your needs. Also includes Spin control for fuselage and stack geoms.

Lots of updates to VSPAERO — ground effect and some viewer updates, but mostly a whole host of bug fixes for issues that people have been running into.

Plenty of good stuff here. Everyone should update.


  • Body of revolution component
  • Spin control for fuselage and stack
  • VSPAERO Update to 4.1.1
    • Added ground effect model
    • Reflect symmetric half geometry in viewer
    • Show XYZ planes in viewer

Bug Fixes:

  • Clean up logic in STEP/IGES export – may help some importers
  • VSPAERO GUI now creates half-mesh for panel method with symmetry
  • VSPAERO Update to 4.1.1
    • Fix drag integration inconsistency for alpha vs. rotation
    • Fix memory crash w/ periodic wakes (ducts)
    • Fix pressure anomaly w/ periodic wakes (ducts)
    • Fix problem with symmetry calculations
    • Fix high AR Cp near centerline
    • Fix high AR Cp out span
    • Fix slicer on Windows
    • Set minimum Mach to 0.001 — fixes Cp min/max range in viewer

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