OpenVSP 3.9.0, VSPAERO 3.0, and the OpenVSP Workshop

OpenVSP Version 3.9.0 with VSPAERO Version 3.0

The OpenVSP Workshop is this week. If you can’t be there, you can still stream the presentations online. Details at the workshop website.

Just in time for the Workshop, this release has something for everyone. VSPAERO, Hinges, Group Transform, AutoCAD Export, and bug fixes.

VSPAERO v3.0 is the most significant update to the VSPAERO solver to date. It includes a thick-surface panel method, control surfaces in VLM mode, built-in batch runs, improved speed, and more.

The VSPAERO integration into OpenVSP has been updated to support the new version of VSPAERO. API support also updated.

A one-axis kinematic joint has been added. This is like a blank component, but that can translate or rotate. Its children are forced to be attached to the joint. This component simplifies modeling control surfaces, landing gear, folding wings, and similar common major assemblies.

Group transformation/modification has been added. Select a group of components and you can translate/scale them as a group. You can also change their material or color, or rotate them about their own origins. This is one of the last v2 features that was missing in v3. Thanks much to Alex Gary for getting this going.

Feature lines can now be exported as an AutoCAD DXF file. This traditional drafting file can be imported into just about any Drawing or CAD program as a starting point for a general arrangement or inboard profile drawing. Welcome ESAero intern Justin Gravett to the development team.

Of course a few bug fixes are thrown in too. Mostly some API updates that broke Python or introduced features that never worked correctly.


  • VSPAERO v3.0 – Panel method, batch runs, control surfaces, much more
  • Improved VSPAERO integration
  • One-Axis Kinematic Joint (Hinge/Slider)
  • Group Transformation/Scale — Thanks Alex Gary
  • 2D AutoCad Export of feature lines

Bug Fixes:

  • Change to Geom type name lookup instead of type ID number
  • Fix Python API
  • Fix VarPresets API to built-in scripting

One thought on “OpenVSP 3.9.0, VSPAERO 3.0, and the OpenVSP Workshop

  1. My mouse scroll wheel no longer zooms in and out. But holding Ctrl and moving the mouse will zoom the model, so all is not lost.