OpenVSP 3.2.3 Released

OpenVSP 3.2.3 is a periodic update. Nothing huge here shoving it out the door, but enough good things have accumulated in the last month that a release should be useful to people. Both fixes and features, everyone should update.


  • Added slew control to skinning. Slew controls the direction of surface curves ‘in’ the surface – where Angle is ‘out’ of the surface.
  • Change default skinning parameters to simulate v2’s Fuse2 component.
  • Export wireframe as Plot3D file (thanks Joe Derlaga)
  • Improve nearest point search algorithms in Code-Eli should help CFDMesh and FitModel.
  • Cache derivative calculations in Code-Eli – should speed CFDMesh some
  • Added reversed triangle detection and removal to CFDMesh
  • Tweaked CFDMesh tolerances and parameters for robustness

Bug fixes:

  • Refactor remove interior tris. Fix complex negative volume cases.
  • CFDMesh source names not saving (thanks @SteveDoyle2)
  • Feature line update.
  • Fix API specification causing problems for SWIG (thanks Alex & Travis)
  • Misc. code cleanups (thanks elfring)

4 thoughts on “OpenVSP 3.2.3 Released

  1. Hello all,

    I just wanted to leave some general feedback to the right contributors about OpenVSP and thought this may be the best place. I was considering using OpenVSP for my Masters research but I need a software that can do batch aerodynamic analysis. I could not find an easy solution to make this work in OpenVSP (maybe there is and I just missed it). If someone with the knowledge would like to tackle this I know it would be an awesome feature to this already excellent software.

    Details: need functionality to basically create a aerodynamic look up table for a vehicle. This means not only running a parameter sweep (like angle of attack, AoA, from -5 to 15 degrees) but having 7 parameters describing the position and angular rates of the vehicle (angle of attack, sideslip angle, angular rates p q r, rate of change of AoA, and rate of change of sideslip angle) and to be able to run a batch simulation for any combination of these parameters. Of course this data would need to be exported some how as well.

    If someone is interested in this project and needs more info please let me know.

    • Justin,

      This question is probably best asked through the OpenVSP Google Group. We don’t check for replies to the announcement blog all that often.

  2. Hello
    I just came across a question about using OpenVSP, and I wish someone could help here. I made a VSP file of version 2.0.3 before, but I need to use version 3 now because of many new powerful functions. Is there any method can convert files of version 2 to those of version 3, or can open files of version 2 with OpenVSP 3.2.3 ?
    Thanks very much !

    • There is no automatic conversion capability right now, but one is planned soon. Hopefully v3 is familiar to any VSP user and it won’t take you long to recreate your model.