OpenVSP 3.4.0 Released

CST for everyone!

OpenVSP 3.4.0 comes with native support for Brenda Kulfan’s CST Airfoil representation. This is an oft-requested and long awaited feature by those doing aero optimization.

CST support is limited to the airfoil class (N1=0.5, N2=1.0) and is only available for Wing-type components for now.

CST airfoils can be promoted exactly or demoted to the closest possible approximation of reduced order. Existing VSP airfoils can be converted to CST using a least squares fit of a specified order.

Airfoils may now be modified via scale, shift, and rotate. These mods are used by the CST fitting to allow the CST curve to be defined on x=[0,1] with start/end at y=0.

These modifications will also allow some interesting alternative uses. With great power comes g… Read more

OpenVSP 3.3.1 Released

Small but mighty!

OpenVSP 3.3.1 may ‘only’ be a bugfix release, but it fixes some really big and longstanding bugs. The fixes are so significant that I considered calling it 3.4.0 — or even 4.0.0!

Whatever you do, update to this version, you’ll be glad you did. Shaded rendering is significantly improved, a few performance improvements, and the problems with 6-series and file airfoils have been fixed.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix various problems with 6-Series and File Airfoil types.
  • Multiple normal vectors at corners and edges for better shading.
  • Improve feature line rendering to reduce artifacts.
  • Eliminate transparent surface rendering artifacts.
  • Tweak adaptive feature lines to improve consistency of results.
  • Add OpenVSP version number to outp
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