OpenVSPAPI  3.21.1
Wing Section Functions

API functions for wing sections are grouped here.

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void SetDriverGroup (const string &in geom_id, int section_index, int driver_0, int driver_1, int driver_2)

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◆ SetDriverGroup()

void SetDriverGroup ( const string &in  geom_id,
int  section_index,
int  driver_0,
int  driver_1,
int  driver_2 

Set the driver group for a wing section. Care has to be taken when setting these driver groups to ensure a valid combination.

//==== Add Wing Geometry and Set Parms ====//
string wing_id = AddGeom( "WING", "" );
//==== Set Wing Section Controls ====//
//==== Set Parms ====//
SetParmVal( wing_id, "Root_Chord", "XSec_1", 2 );
SetParmVal( wing_id, "Tip_Chord", "XSec_1", 1 );
See also
[in]geom_idGeom ID
[in]section_indexWing section index
[in]driver_0First driver enum (i.e. SPAN_WSECT_DRIVER)
[in]driver_1Second driver enum (i.e. ROOTC_WSECT_DRIVER)
[in]driver_2Third driver enum (i.e. TIPC_WSECT_DRIVER)